I can't get heat to the upstairs

Here are a few things to consider when you notice that your heating/cooling air flow does not feel consistent throughout the house. 

1.  Check you air vents. 

– A lot of times you can close of the vents for rooms that seem to heat or cool very easily to try to push more air to the other rooms.  You may even want to close off dampers to rooms that you are not using.

2.  Insulation

– When was last time you had your attic or walls insulated?  You may be losing  a lot of heating/cooling because your home is not properly insulated.

3.  Windows

– How old are you windows?  A lot of times the older windows have leaks throughout the frame.  If you feel a lot of drafts near windows, you may want to re-caulk to seal the windown frame from air leaks.

4.  Doors

– If you notice drafts around doors; installing weatherstrip will also help seal air leaks.

If you try these things and notice that you are still havings problems, you will want to contact a FLAME consultant to do a heat/gain heat-loss test on your home to determine what solutions will help you.

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