Ideas from Flame for the Holiday Season

Halloween is over and the Holiday season continues on!  Soon there will be Thanksgiving and then Christmas!  Both of these holidays can include lots of people and family in a home and Christmas of course has some presents underneath the tree!  Here is a small list of “holiday season” or winter ideas for your heating/cooling system or other products and services that Flame can offer you!

  1.  Furnace Inspection-This is very important, your furnace/air conditioner should be checked about once a year.  Why not check your furnace before the really cold weather starts to kick in?  If you are interested, check out the “Gold Plan.”  When signing up either a furnace or air conditioning unit for this special plan you will receive a free inspection on that unit along with being a priority when you have actual problems with your system!  You can find information on an other blog about the “Gold Plan,” by looking at the Flame Furnace website (www.ffold.awcsite.info), or by simply calling and asking!
  2. Humidifier-Winter air can be very dry, especially when you add a furnace to the mix!  All your holiday guests may not appreciate always leaving your home with chapped lips.  You can purchase portable humidifiers or a more permanent one that goes right into your heating and cooling system and you can even get a humidistat to control the humidity.
  3. Carbon monoxide detector-This is for safety reasons.  You never want this alarm to go off, but especially not if many of your friends and family are there! This alarm can help keep you and your family safe during the holiday season.
  4. Programmable thermostat-Programmable thermostats can help to save you money by making sure that the heat is turned down when it is least needed.  You can program your own schedule.  This extra money may be needed for all the gifts and food you may be purchasing throughout November and December!

Though these “gifts” or ideas may not be as fun as books, movies or clothes, they can still be handy and helpful as the season approaches.  “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!” and with the help of Flame Furnace you can be prepared for almost anything to happen!

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