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Indoor Air Quality,  it almost seems like a snobby term.  Somebody needs things so perfect, they need to even worry about their air quality.  However, why should we not worry about our indoor air quality?  It’s what we breathe everyday, and for most of us, we spend the majority of hours inside, especially in the colder months.  Doesn’t it make sense to improve your indoor air quality?  It’s better to take a little extra time concerning our air quality, than to spend days sick from extra allergens or bacteria in our air.  Here are some simple easy things you can do to improve your indoor air quality:

  • Are you allergic to ragweed?  It is one of the largest allergens, and can be very frustrating.  Therefore, keep your windows closed during heavy ragweed season!  This can also be done for other airborne allergens that may bother you.
  • Using a UV Germicidal light in your ducts, will help to eradicate many things that you do not want floating around your home like bacteria, mold, viruses and dust.
  • High quality air purifiers are also a good idea like the Bryant Perfect Air Purifier that will catch and eliminate irritants, dust, mold, etc… in your ducts before it can get out into your home
  • Keep your air at the proper humidity- too dry can be irritating for your skin, and too damp could encourage the growth of mold.  A good humidity is around 45-65% according to the EPA
  • Ventilation is great, so use your exhaust fans!

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Some info found at:  Wikipedia:  The Free Encyclopedia, Ragweed

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