Insulate Your Home With Bookcases

Adding insulation to your home is a great way to amp up your home’s efficiency.  Insulation that is added to the attic and exterior walls keeps conditioned (heated or cooled air) inside while simultaneously blocking unconditioned hot or cold air from the outside from coming in and screwing with your room’s temperature.  Insulation is generally made out of fiberglass or cellulose (treated and shredded newspaper), and can either be installed yourself or by a professional.

Another way to increase your home’s insulation even further is through book cases.  Adding built-in shelves, or lining the walls with bookcases can help to keep your home nice and toasty in the winter, and cool in the winter.  How does that work?  Think about it.  If a type of traditional insulation consists of shredded newspapers, wouldn’t book pages have a similar effect?  Therefore, if you are looking for a way to add style, storage, and energy efficiency to your home-consider bookcases!

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