Is the Gold Plan Worth It?

Every store we walk into has some type of membership or plan you can sign up for.  For many of these it seems like the only real benefit of signing up is getting a new tag to add to your key chain, but there are definitely some plans that do offer real benefits and savings.  It is important to do the research and determine if a company’s plan or membership is worth it for you and your family.  Flame Heating Cooling Plumbing and Electrical also offers an HVAC maintenance plan, the Gold Plan.  While we don’t give out cool tags for your keychain, you may find that as you learn more about it that it is definitely a plan that is worth it.

The Flame Gold Plan offers both financial benefits and convenience and peace of mind.  One of the best parts of the Gold Plan is that it offers an annual heating and cooling inspection as part of the program.  Additionally, there is a reduced diagnostic fee for Gold Plan members when technicians need to come out and determine what is wrong with your unit, and there is a 10% discount on repairs.  You can see the financial benefits, especially if you are someone who already has his or her furnace/air conditioner inspected annually.

The convenience and peace of mind come from knowing that your heating and cooling system is well maintained.  Furthermore, if something does go wrong with your furnace and air conditioner, Gold Plan members receive priority on emergency calls.  Lastly, Gold Plan members have a one year parts and labor guarantee.

Now that you know all of the facts-this may just be a plan that is worth it to you and your family.  For more information about this HVAC maintenance program, contact Flame!

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