It's someone else's turn to unclog the drain

This past year I have had to unplug a sink drain a few times.  If you have ever lived with females, as I have, you know that it can be an unpleasant experience pulling out long strands of hair matted with soap and toothpaste.  Oh let’s face it, it is gross.  The thing is, long hair is not the only predator to your drain (or toilet)’s happiness, items such as tree roots or sanitary items can also be causing factors.  If your drain is clogged in an area that is so far down that you cannot see it and ‘goop’ continuously builds up in it, that can create long term problems.  Flame now offers a service to help you find that pesky little thing that is causing drainage issues.  This is a camera that snakes down sink drains or toilets to find potential issues.  Think about all those medical shows where tiny cameras check out the inside of bodies, it is kind of like that.  Therefore, this camera will help to find clogged areas of drain and then Flame technicians will eradicate the problem for you.  That means that they can deal with the crud that is hair, face wash, spit and build up and/or other materials (feminine products, old gold fish, toy cars…) that may have wound up in your drains.

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