How to Keep Your Air Clean When Re-Doing Your Hardwood Floors

Are you thinking of re-doing your hardwood floors?  Maybe you want a different stain, or maybe your floors have just been through quite a bit of use with children and pets.  Either way, you are ready for a fresh clean start with your floors.  When it comes to projects such as re-doing hardwood floors, it is really important to keep in mind your home’s indoor air quality. Here are some HVAC tips to ensure clean breathing during your home improvement project.

  1. Turn off the furnace or air conditioner during the process of re-doing your hardwood floors. Why? Because this is going to be a VERY dusty project.  Furnaces and air conditioners tend to suck in your air and re-circulate it, which means that they would suck in all of that dust and blow it back out- even in rooms you weren’t working in!
  2. Ventilate with open windows and fans. Staining projects, such as Glitsa, often produce odors and vapors that can cause nausea or headaches.  Therefore, it is very important to properly ventilate your home.  Since the furnace or air conditioner can’t be used, ventilation should be done with open windows and fans.

Older homes are more likely to have cracks and leaks that allow for “bad” air to go out and “good” air to come back in.  Though these cracks and leaks mean that the home is less efficient, in this case, it is a good thing.  If you have an older home, some of the necessary ventilation may happen naturally.

Good luck with your project, and we hope the result turns out beautifully. For more information about keeping your home’s air clean, contact Flame!


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