4 Ways to Keep Costs Down this Halloween

Some people love Halloween.  They love dressing up and watching scary movies.  I am not one of those people.  Scary movies give me nightmares and worries for months (or even years… I still don’t like being home alone after watching The Strangers, 2008) and dressing up is a lot of work.  However, what I do like about Halloween is the festive fall atmosphere and the candy.  I love hot apple cider and pumpkin seeds, crispy leaves and cupcakes. Unfortunately, Halloween, like all of the other holidays that subsequently follow it can be pretty pricey.  From buying costumes, to purchasing pounds of candy to lighting up your home your spending could definitely increase during the month of October.  Here are some ways to cut down on those costs and have a more “green,” energy efficient Halloween.

Save on the Costume- Though this advice may be a little late the day before Halloween, you can always listen up for next year.  After researching the topic of being more “eco friendly” for Halloween, a lot of websites suggested that you make your own costume.  In some ways this could be a great easy idea.  I’ve seen people cut holes in laundry baskets and wear them with some clothes inside to be “dirty laundry.”  However, after talking with my mother, Halloween costume maker extraordinaire, she did not think that she saved much money by making our costumes as kids.  She chose to make them because they could be more customized than store bought ones.  That said, her advice for saving money on Halloween costumes was to look to second hand or thrift stores like the Salvation Army for old clothing that could be worn or cut up for material.



Save on the Lights-

Halloween lights are a large part of Halloween decor.  As a child I was told to not “trick or treat” at the homes that were not decorated or lit up because they probably were not home or did not want to participate.  There is a way to save money on lighting up your home with foregoing Halloween altogether.  First, use LED lights.  They cost about 80% less to use than regular lights and they run for longer.  If you want to go further- look into using solar powered lights.  Click here for some solar light ideas.  Lastly, use candles instead of lights.  Of course, lining your path with candles might be a hazard with hundreds of children trooping up and down it but they could be used in jack-o-lanterns that are a little bit out of the way.

Keep the Decorations-

Unless you are a someone that needs to create a new Halloween decoration masterpiece every year, save your decorations from year to year.  If they start  looking old and ratty…doesn’t that just make them look a little spookier?

Keep the Heat Down-

Halloween is not the holiday when you want to begin to work on keeping the doors in your home closed.  You will most likely be opening your door every few minutes.  Therefore, turn the thermostat a little lower and put on a sweater so that you are not losing as much heat to the outside each time your open the door.  Also, make sure that all of the other entryways into your home are sealed.  Close windows and other doors to keep the heat in.  Try using draft blockers and even add insulation to your home in preparation.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, it is essential to not break the bank on Halloween.  If you have any other questions about electrical or heating efficiency, please contact Flame!  Stay safe and Happy Halloween!

I received some great information from:  “How to Go Green:  Halloween” and Green Halloween:  Energy conservation and Halloween

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