Keep the Chimney Open for Santa but Reduce All Other Energy Loss

As promised in the previous post, I am continuing to write about ways to avoid some of the stress of Christmas by reducing spending this season.  One of the major ways to do this is by targeting energy loss and waste and working to fix this.  Wasted energy such as major leaks is wasted money (however, make sure to leave the chimney flue open for Santa on Christmas Eve). In order to effectively target areas of energy loss it is best to have an energy audit done on your home.

Santa Claus


A whole home energy audit or evaluation can be completed by a certified B.P.I. individual who tests the efficiency of your home.  They will look for leaky areas and diagnose energy loss areas in your home based on your own observations and experiences and a Blower Door Test.  Afterwards, recommendations for savings based on your home’s unique needs are made.  These can include attic insulation and rim joist sealing as well as duct sealing, purchasing programmable thermostats etc….

Utility companies offer rebates when you make changes like the ones above.  When thinking about adding insulation or sealing research what rebates your utility company offers for those procedures and what the requirements are to receive them.

So while you and your family are busy “ho ho ho-ing,” make sure that you wallet is not “no no no-ing.”   more information about Energy Audits, like the E3 that Flame offers or utility rebates, please contact Flame!



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