Like an Igloo: Computer Room Cooling

If you have been in a big computer room, you may have noticed that it is often significantly cooler than other areas in a building.  This is not just a coincidence.  Rooms in offices and buildings that hold hard drives, data storage banks, servers etc… need to be specially cooled.

As you can imagine these rooms often hold information and technology imperative to the company that they are part of and so it would be disastrous for a company if there was to be a malfunction or the information became lost.  There are two different kinds of “computer rooms” and they use different cooling techniques.  There are Server rooms and Computer rooms.  Server rooms house data storage banks and hard drives.  These can tend to really heat up, which means that they need to be kept cool in order to maintain the equipment.  In order to do this, one would need a cooling unit just for that room.  Even though your building may be small enough to only need one unit to cool it, you would still need a seperate unit to keep your Server room at the optimal temperature.

Computer rooms generally hold all the servers and printers.  These need a more complex cooling system, a Liebert System, which through cooling by water as opposed to air, provides a constant temperature as well as humdification and dehumidification in order for the room to remain “just right.”

If you own a company or business with a Server or Computer room it is important to be aware of the fact that it should be cooled differently, otherwise you could end up losing your files.  One should also look out for the occurence of temperature fluctuatation in a computer or server room due to the door being left open.  Therefore, try to make sure that it is closed tightly, especially in these hot summer months.  Another precaution to take is to be sure that data is backed up daily and saved either on an outside drive or manually with hard copies.

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