Low Cost Energy Saving Measures

This day and and age there are a ton of innovations designed to help save energy.  For example:  hybrid cars, hybrid heat systems, sun panels etc..  However, all these are fairly expensive.  What can you do to conserve energy without spending a ton of money?  Here are three ideas:  replace your furnace filters, install a programmable thermostat, and have your ducts inspected for leaks and a potential cleaning.

Replacing your furnace filter is so simple, that you can even do it yourself.  There is no need to call an HVAC specialist.  You should check your filters monthly all year round if you have both a heating and cooling system.  A dirty filter means that your heating or cooling unit has to work harder and use more energy to get air past a filter clogged with dirt and dust.  This wastes energy when you can just change the filter easily.  You can find furnace filters at hardware stores.

A programmable thermostat automatically changes the temperature in your home or workplace depending on the season, day, and whether or not you are away.  For example-a programmable thermostat will automatically turn the temperature down during a winter day while everybody is work or school. You can program it specifically to you or your family.  This means that heat and energy is not being wasted while nobody is even home.

Duct inspections can find leaks in your ductwork, where air is leaking out. If the ducts are leaking the warm or cool air from your furnace or air conditioner, energy is being wasted because your heating or cooling unit must run longer and harder to produce the same amount as when the ducts are completely sealed.  Duct cleaning, like filter cleaning, cleans out the ducts making it easier for air to get through and also providing cleaner air for your home or work place.

So as you can see, you dont need to go and buy a brand new to car to help save energy and money.  Just a few simple things around the house can help also.

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