Maintaining your Hot Water Heater and Saving Money

Majority of us like to take a hot shower, especially as the outside temperature starts dropping.  That is why it is such a pain when your hot water heater breaks.  However, if you live in the Tri-County area, Flame Furnace promises to give you hot water by 5 p.m. if you call by noon.  

Even though Flame offers this great deal, it is best to just keep your hot water heater working.  Here are some tips for maintaining your heater: 

  • Have your hot water heater inspected every couple of years (around 2).  This will make sure that any little problem that develops can be fixed before it becomes a big problem!
  • Drain a gallon of water from the tank every three months or so, to prevent sediment collecting on the burners.  This also saves energy, because built up sediment makes the water harder to heat. 
  • Also, having a technician replace the anode rod every 5 years or so is a good idea.  This rod is one of the defensives that hot water heaters have against the corrosion that comes from hot water.  The rod gets beat up so that the tank will stay good.  The rod by itself helps to maintain your heater, but it having it checked or replaced will ensure an even longer life for your water heater. 

 Other energy saving ideas include: lowering the temperature setting down to 110 or 120 degrees and adding your own insulation to the tank to make sure minimal heat is lost by using a fiberglass blanket or even a kit from a hardware store.  However, many tanks, especially Bradford-White already come with a good insulation system.

These were just some tips to make sure that your showers stay warm, and that you are not spending all of your money to keep it that way.

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