Make a Healthy Decision-Change the Filter

At the beginning of the summer many of us are very enthusiastic about making healthy decisions.  We promise to get outside and walk while the weather is nice and eat lots of fresh summer fruit salads.  Now that we are in August, sometimes it seems harder to keep up with these promises-especially with the alluring jingle of the ice cream truck driving down the street.  Though at Flame we don’t have a solution to help you resist the temptation of cold and creamy ice cream, we can offer you other ways to improve you and your family’s health this August.

An easy way to advance your health is by breathing clean air.  Furnace filters trap particles that could contaminate your air, and therefore, make the air you breathe clean and fresh.  There are varying levels of furnace filters and the more intense the filter, the smaller the size of the particles it will trap, and the cleaner your air will be.  The issue is that no matter what size your filter is, eventually it will get clogged with those bits.  This creates two problems.  The first is that a clogged filter will decrease the efficiency of the furnace.  Why?  Because with a clogged filter there is less space for the heated air to travel through to get to your living areas.  This means that the furnace will have to work much harder to put the same amount of air out as it did with a cleaner filter.  The second problem is that a clogged filter may not be as adept at keeping your air clean.  That is why it is so important to make sure that you have clean filters.

As mentioned above there are different types of filters.  Some filters can be cleaned and re-used while others need to be replaced.  Be sure to check what your filter requires.  For more information about furnace filters and their maintenance, contact Flame!  Good luck staying healthy!

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