Make Heating your Home Fashionable, With Matching Registers

Registers are important in your home in order to make sure that warm and or cool air can get into your rooms.  However, they can sometimes be an eye sore.  Whether you are re-decorating a room, buying a new house, or  simply just sick of looking at your brown registers against white carpet…think about picking registers that match your decor.  This can be done numerous ways:

Greystone Floor Register from Ace Hardware

Greystone Floor Register from Ace Hardware

  • Purchase registers that will match, from stores like Ace Hardware they are on average around $12-$15 though they can cost less or more.
  • Spray paint registers the color you want
  • Or try taking them to an Auto Shop where they have experience painting metal and can make your registers look shiny and new!

It’s easy to take out your registers and to put in new ones (or put re-painted ones back in), simply use your hands!  Contact Flame with any questions!

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