Metro Detroit Rebates for Energy Efficient Upgrades

Learn about Detroit rebates for energy efficient upgrades

Making energy efficient upgrades in your home saves money, right?  The problem is that those energy efficient upgrades also cost money upfront.  This stops the best of us from doing it.

We all know about the long run savings that energy upgrades will bring down the road, but what you may not have realized is that in addition to future savings, a lot of these changes come with rebates for right now.

Check out some of the rebates being offered by DTE Energy and Consumer’s Energy in order to help you make energy efficient changes to your home.

DTE Energy is offering some of the following rebates in 2018:

DTE Energy Rebates:

  • $100-   Wi-fi Enabled Thermostat, such as Nest
  • $400-    97% AFUE Furnace
  • $1,000- 95% AFUE Boiler
  • $125-    500 sq. foot of installed roof/attic insulation
  • $100-    tankless hot water heater (EF .82 or higher)

Not a DTE customer?  No problem, Consumer’s Energy is also offering comparable rebates, so you aren’t missing out.

Consumer’s Energy Rebates:

  • $100- Tankless gas hot water heater
  • $400- 97% AFUE or higher furnace
  • $900- 95% AFUE or higher natural gas boiler
  • $100-Wi-fi enabled thermostat (if you are both a natural gas and an electric customer)

If your furnace is on its way out, or if you were on the fence about installing a wi-fi enabled thermostat, these rebates may push you over the edge.  Be sure to check out the websites for complete details and a full list of rebates available.

Please note-you do need to be a DTE or Consumer’s Energy customer in order to receive rebates from them.

At Flame, we are happy to help you figure out what upgrades would most benefit your home and lifestyle.  We will even walk you through the process of applying for the rebate.

For more information about making your home more energy efficient, contact us at Flame Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, and Electrical!

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