Michigan Plumbing Experts: What Causes Clogs in Your Bathroom Toilet?

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to the bathroom in your Michigan home is when your toilet gets clogged. Aside from causing you inconvenience, a clogged toilet is also unhygienic and renders the bathroom unusable. Since the toilet is one of the basic utilities at home, you have to find an urgent remedy right away. Knowing about the possible things that clog your toilet may help you prevent it from happening again or uncover possible problems in your drains.

What Not to Flush Down the Toilet, Mnn.com

Tree roots. Tree roots tend to crawl to areas where there’s a rich source of organic matter and water–and your sewerage pipes fit that description. Over time, they can block the pipes completely, affecting not only your toilet but other drains too. This problem should only be left to professional plumbers in Michigan, as they have the right tools and equipment to locate the tree roots, cut them, and/or repair the piping to reestablish the flow of water and sludge down the sewer lines.

Miscellaneous items. Toilet paper, band aids, tampons, cigar butts, and other items that may appear to be of insignificant size can block sewers. Individually, they are too small to cause major obstructions, but these items can accumulate, particularly when trapped in a curve. Always remind your family members to throw stuff in the trash can and not in the toilet. Also, if you have kids, keep an eye on them in the bathroom as they tend to drop toys to see if the toilet can flush them away.

Grease. Cooking oils, grease, and other forms of fat are liquids when flushed down a toilet. Under cool temperatures, however, they solidify and build up large solid masses of fat (fatbergs) that block sewage lines. To avoid this, scrape grease off your cookware and throw it in the bin. Afraid they’ll leak? Use plastic bottles or jars.

Limescale. Limescale is a chalky, hard buildup of calcium and magnesium deposits from hard water. In toilets, it clogs the small holes (called ports) below the rim. These are holes where water for flushing passes through. Their function is impaired when they are blocked by limescale. This also causes blockage in pipes, reducing water flow and causing the accumulation of water on bathtubs.

When a clog is not far down the sewage line, a plunger or auger may work. If the problem persists, though, it would be best to call Michigan plumbing companies like Flame Furnace, as they have the knowledge and necessary tools to determine the cause of the clog and remove it. By calling a plumber at the first signs of trouble, your family can escape the unpleasant and unsanitary effects of a clogged toilet.

(Source: What Not to Flush Down the Toilet, Mnn.com)

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