Michigan Spring: Switching From Heat to Air Conditioning and Back Again…

Usually I detest March.  There were too many times when I had looked forward to its arrival as the end of winter and been brutally disappointed.  This year however has been different.  March has been a kind, welcoming friend encouraging me to get outside with its 80 degree days.  I had heard of numerous amounts of people that had actually turned their air conditioning on in March.  Thinking about that, it is important to know that you shouldn’t just jump the gun with turning your air conditioner on.  You want to have at least 2 warm days before you do this.  The oil in your compressor needs time to loosen up and if you don’t let that happen you will break the compressor.  That would mean that you might need to wait even longer to have your a/c on.

As much as I have been loving this, I think we all know that this nice weather can’t last.  I am simply waiting for Michigan to throw an April snowstorm at us to pay us back.  This means, that before summer is here to stay at some point you will probably turn off your air conditioner and your furnace back on (and back on and off again).  Be sure that when you do this, you wait a few minutes between turning off and one and starting the other. Otherwise the circuit board could fry…uh oh.

Spring Weather


If you have already made one of these mistakes and need service, please feel free to contact Flame or also contact to schedule inspections or ask any questions.  Enjoy the nice weather while you can, I am just praying we don’t have a “white Easter.”

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