Mmm…Clean Air

These days clean air is the way to go!  A century ago nobody had any type of air purifier or filter, but we fortunately do now.  There are devices to clean your air to help keep your furnace/air conditioner running properly, help keep your home cleaner and it can even benefit your health! 

One way to keep your air clean is to install a UV Germicidal Light from Bryant.  These lights help to kill the germs, bacteria and mold that your filter cannot catch.  They are a perfect addition to your home, since newer homes are now very tightly sealed to make them more energy efficient.  Unfortunately, tightly sealed homes mean that none of the “icky” stuff like germs and bacteria are getting out.  The UV Light is incredibly helpful on top of a regular furnace filter.   

There are also many different filters you can get to help trap particles.  You can purchase them fairly cheap but if you are really nervous about your air quality, consider an electronic air cleaner which does a better job.  Air filters should be changed every couple of months to ensure that they are still working properly.  If they are not changed or clean, it is harder for your furnace or air conditioner to push air through which means that it is working harder.  Dirty filters are also bad for allergies and asthma.   

Cleaning and dusting your house regularly can also help to keep the air in your home clean, along with refraining from smoking.  

Since the idea of clean air is big on everyone’s mind these days, those were a few ideas to help keep your air clean whatever the reason.

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