Multi-Speed vs. Variable Speed Furnaces

Who knew that there were so many options when shopping for a new furnace?  Size, brand, efficiency level, type of speed… it can be overwhelming!  When looking for a furnace it is important to have a qualified consultant that you can trust to help you navigate the waters.  However, it’s also helpful to have an idea of what is out there before making the plunge.  So, this post will focus on the difference between multi-speed and variable speed furnaces.

Outside temperatures vary throughout the fall and winter, which means that your furnace works at different speeds, depending on the temperature, in order to heat your home.  When it is cold out, the furnace needs to run faster and harder.  Multi-speed furnaces have a few set speeds that the furnace can operate at, whereas variable speed furnaces are much more flexible.  Think of a multi-speed furnace like a ladder and a variable speed furnace like a ramp.  A multi-speed furnace might just have HIGH, MEDIUM, and LOW settings whereas a variable speed unit would be able to run at speeds in between.

What are the pros and cons of each?  Price is a big factor.  Multi-speed furnaces typically cost less to install.  However, variable speed furnaces are more efficient and will end up saving you more in the long run.  Because of its ability to be flexible, a variable speed furnace can really meet the needs of your home, while a multi-speed furnace might be running faster or slow than necessary. This can waste money and it means you are not as comfortable as possible.

Whether you choose a multi-speed furnace or variable speed furnace is up to you.  For more information about the different types of furnaces and other residential heating services, contact Flame!

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