Need a Little Help With Heating? Check out Tax Incentives and Rebates

How many of us are dreading the day when we can no longer make do with just wearing an extra layer and we actually have to turn the heat on?  It can be overwhelming to think about heating your home this winter, especially after last year’s frigid temperatures. Heating your home more efficiently can help to make this task a little less daunting.  However, sometimes making large energy improvements can be big investments.  The good news is, there are many ways to receive help, support, and incentives for heating energy improvements.  Check it out!

Federal & State Tax Credits

The U.S. Department of Energy website lists all of the federal tax credit,s as well as tax credits for each individual state, that we could receive for certain energy improvements in our homes.

Utility Company Incentives

In Michigan, utility companies such as Consumers Energy and DTE generally offer rebates and incentives for heating energy improvements.  A qualified heating and cooling company will be aware of these rebates, but you can also check with the utility companies or for more information.


For more information about any of these means of financially heating your home, contact Flame!  Also, check out the Flame blog for ways of increasing your energy efficiency on a smaller scale.  For example, consider making a draft stopper!

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