Don't Just Spend, but Save Money this Christmas

What a wonderful time of year.  It is difficult to not be in a good mood as we eat cookies, look at Christmas lights and think about the excitement of Christmas morning. During the holidays you may find that your utility bills are a little higher due to outside and inside Christmas lights, increased use of water from cooking, and turning up heat because your Great Aunt Myrtle likes it a little warmer.  The next few posts will be dedicated to ways to scrimp a little during this season.

A great easy way to save money is through the investment and installation of a programmable thermostat.  These thermostats allow you to have set times of the day when the temperature is lower than others.  For example, if all of the occupants in your home are gone throughout the day, the temperature can be set a little lower so that heat and energy are not wasted on an empty home.  The same can also be done in the summer by having the temperature up higher during the day.  These times can be set automatically so that you do not have to worry about it.By doing this you can save over $100/year.

One of the nicest things about this concept is that if you are not able to invest in a programmable thermostat right now, you can still have the same effects by manually raising and lowering the temperatures on your thermostat based on need.  However, if you are like me, this could easily be forgotten thereby defeating the purpose.

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