October 7 is Energy Efficiency Day

October 7 is Energy Efficiency DayThis month, as we prepare our costumes for Halloween, pull the rake back out from the garage, and gear up to vote–we can’t forget to keep energy efficiency at the forefront of our minds.

October, as you may know, is National Energy Awareness month.  In Michigan, the first Wednesday of October is Energy Efficiency Day.

Energy Efficiency Day

What does this mean?  Among other things, a proclamation from Governor Gretchen Whitmer states:

“WHEREAS, together, the residents of Michigan can continue to contribute to our sustainability efforts by learning more about energy efficiency and practicing smarter energy use in their daily lives; and,

WHEREAS, improved energy codes for homes and commercial buildings can also significantly reduce utility costs and create new jobs; and,…”

How Can You Participate?

Check out our blog to learn more about ways that you can practice smarter energy use.  Here are some useful posts:  7 Tips for Saving Energy in the Kitchen, 4 Energy Efficient Upgrades to Increase the Value of Your Home, and 8 Energy Saving Tips for Renters.

Also, contact Flame Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, and Electrical to learn about improved energy codes and how you can get your home up to date with the latest in energy efficiency appliances and practices.

What are some ways that you are saving energy this month?

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