Pamper your Air Conditioner so it's Ready for Summer

There’s more to starting your air conditioner than just pressing a button or flipping a switch.  Here’s a list of things that you should try to do in order to have it running optimally:

  • Clean the air filter on the furnace!
  • Turn the damper on the furnace to “Summer”
  • Turn the Humidistat from 35% to 0% (if you have one)
  • Turn the disconnect back on for your unit about 24 hours before you begin to use it (keep an eye on the weather report to see when those really hot days are coming up, so your unit can be all ready in time!)
  • Wash the Condenser Unit!  That is the part of your air conditioner that is located outside of your home.  Put your hose on a “fine spray” and spray from the top down
  • Turn on your air conditioning!

Perfect!  You are all set to enjoy cool air as summer approaches.  If you have any questions about these steps, feel free to contact Flame! Or check out the FAQ page.

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