Platinum Plus Plan: It's Like Flying First Class

When I was about 8, my dad lost his job.  After searching for a little bit, he was blessed to find another one.  Unfortunately, it was in New Jersey.  This meant that he flew to New Jersey for most of the week and was home on weekends.  One of the hidden perks of this arrangement was how many frequent flier miles he earned.  This meant that he soon became a platinum flier.  Though I am sure that was convenient for him on his business travels to cut the security line and sit in first class, the best part was that whenever our family went on a vacation, we all sat first class.  Ah, I lived the high life at the age of 9.  (Don’t worry, I don’t think I’ve flown in first class since that young age).  Anyways, the point of this story stems from the key word of: platinum.

First Class

(I’ve never seen a first class seat like this on an airplane…where is this??)http://www.smh.com.au/travel/travel-news/goodbye-to-all-that-airlines-ditch-firstclass-seats-20101028-175fh.html

Like the airlines, Flame has a platinum plan and is announcing their Platinum Plus Plan.  Think of your furnace and air conditioner settling down in the wide seats at the front of the plane.  They are sipping a Coke as everybody else boards and files past them.  That’s what the Platinum Plus Plan is like.  The Platinum Plus Plan lasts for TEN YEARS (that’s right, a whole decade of comfort and peace of mind) and includes:

  • 10 Year Free Parts and Labor (Not included: Compressors, heat exchangers, evaporator coils, plumbing fixtures, underground plumbing)
  • Front of Line Scheduling
  • One Duct Cleaning
  • Investment Protection (If you change your system within the agreement terms, the unused portion of your agreement will be credited toward your system purchase from FLAME)
  • 15% Savings on All Equipment
  • Same-Day Emergency Service
  • Annual Heating Safety Checkup
  • Annual Cooling Safety Checkup
  • Annual Electrical Inspection
  • Annual Plumbing Inspection
  • Guaranteed 100% Satisfaction
Due to the nature of this plan, it is more expensive than the typical Gold Plan, but you should keep in mind that it lasts for 10 years. In addition, much of what the Platinum Plus Plan offers are things you will need, such as inspections and parts.  This deal ends March 31st, so contact Flame if you are interested or have any more questions! (Think first class…)

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