Do we have a "Pollen Vortex" this Spring?

While shopping at your local pharmacy or grocery store you may have noticed some shelves that are curiously devoid of any products.  Those shelves are the ones that usually contain allergy medication.  This year it seems like allergies are out of control and extremely irksome for many people.  FOX News describes this rise in allergies this spring as the ‘Pollen Vortex.’  In his article, “‘Pollen Vortex?’ Long winter worsens allergies in spring,” Bahar Gholipour writes about how this year’s harsh winter may have caused the increase in suffering from allergies.  How?  Well, since the temperatures took so long to warm up, trees and grass are blooming at the same time and both are releasing their pollen into the air.  This means that allergy sufferers, especially those allergic to both tree and grass pollen, are hit with a double whammy!  Furthermore, all of the melting snow may have caused an increase in mold leading even more irritation.

So, what can we do about it?  One step is keeping doors and windows to your home closed and using the air conditioner when the temperatures are hot.  Also, investing in air purifiers and filters can lessen allergies.  On top of these home adjustments, there are some other tips that can be found in Gholipour’s article:

-Wash hair before going bed

-Change clothes when you get home

For more information about air purification and indoor air quality, contact Flame!  Good luck surviving the “pollen vortex!”

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