Prepare for Tornadoes with an Automatic Generator

Prepare for tornadoes and storms with an automatic generatorWe are entering the “most dangerous time of the year“, according to The Weather Channel.  April, May, and June are the months in the year when tornadoes have historically occurred the most frequently.  These three months have also been the time when the most severe tornadoes have struck.

For Southeastern Michigan, May and June seem to be the months to be the most concerned about, but that doesn’t mean tornado can’t occur in April or even in July or August.

Tornadoes form during thunderstorms, especially when cold, dry air from Canada meets most, warm air from the Gulf of Mexico.  These atmospheric conditions are more likely to occur during the months of April, May, and June.  However, not all thunderstorms created under these circumstances will produce tornadoes.  In fact, experts don’t actually know why some thunderstorms have tornadoes and others don’t.

Even if a thunderstorm doesn’t produce a tornado, it can still have high winds and cause damage leading to power outages.  As we enter into this dangerous time, it is best for you to be prepared.

In order to be prepared, know where to go in your home in the event of a tornado or severe thunder storm:  the basement or a center room with no windows if your home does not have a basement.

Make sure your family is ready for a power outage.  The best way to be ready for a power outage is by investing in an automatic standby generator.  Unlike portable generators that need to be filled with fuel and pulled out during a power outage, automatic generators automatically switch on when the power goes out.  They are connected to your gas line, so there is no need to re-fuel them.  These generators can keep you and your family safe and comfortable as you can keep your food cold refrigerator and continue to watch for weather updates on the television or computer.

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