Prevent Clogged Drains with a Drain Snake

Snakes are animals that some people just don’t like.  However, Flame offers a type of snake that all people can like-the drain snake.  Drain snakes consist of cameras that can be put down the drain to determine what objects are obstructing its path.

These ‘snakes’ come all different sizes and can be used to help kitchen sink drains, home storm drains, and home sanitary drains.  Once any blockage is found the technicians will use tools to grind up the obstructions.

Drain snakes are used as preventative measures to ensure that any blockage does not get to a point where build up and overflow into the home can occur.  A clogged drain can create quite a mess, and it is definitely better to clear the path before things get messy.

Homes with large, old, established trees in their yards should definitely consider having their drains snaked as roots from these trees can grow into the drains and cause some serious issues.

For more information about keeping your drains clear, contact Flame!

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