Lessen Spring Allergies

Spring is a time of year when we enjoy more walks outside and take pleasure in seeing trees and flowers bloom.  Unfortunately, spring is a time of year when many of us are hit with seasonal allergies.   Though taking medicine and carrying around pockets full of tissue are some of the more common ways of dealing with the sneezes that come with allergies, there are some changes you can make in your home to help to alleviate miserable allergic symptoms.

Install an Air Purifier and/or a UV Germicidal Light-these are installed right into the duct work and they work to really bring down the amount of dust, bacteria, and pollen that circulate in your home’s air.

Change Your Filters Regularly-this will lower the amount of pollen and dust floating around the air in your home.

Have Your Ducts Cleaned-having your ducts cleaned every few years is a good way to reduce the dust and build up inside of your duct work.

Keep Doors and Windows Closed in the Spring-this is a good way to keep pollen from entering your home.

Vacuum and Dust on a Regular Basis

If you are interested in learning more about the improving your home’s indoor air quality, please contact Flame!  Also, check out this WebMD article about spring allergies, where some of this information is from, for more information.

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