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What is one of the best and easiest decisions you can make in the HVAC (heating and cooling) world? Buying a programmable thermostat!  Why?  Because they are more convenient, energy efficient and economic than a manual one!  As the name suggests, one can set a programmable thermostat to change temperature automatically on certain times or days, which can help save money.  According to Energy Star-$2,200 is spent on average household’s energy bill.  During this economy, that price can be a little steep.  However, with a programmable thermostat-one can save up to a $180 pear year if it is used correctly!  Here are some of the Energy Star guidelines for using one:

Wake (about 6:00 a.m.)–thermostat should be should be set to 70 degrees or less

Daytime (about 8:00 a.m.)–thermostat should be set back about 8 degrees (to about 62 degrees or less).  This is because during the day many people are out of the house at school or work, and so why heat an empty home?

Evening (about 6:00 p.m.)–thermostat should be set to 70 degrees or less–the temperature should be a little more comfortable during the evening when people are in the home than during the day when they may not be.

Night, Sleep (about 10:00 p.m.)–Set back the thermostat 8 degrees again (to about 62 degrees or less)Thermostat.  You can keep the house a little chillier when you are sleeping, just grab some extra blankets!

Though you can set a programmable thermostat to do this automatically so you do not forget, you can still change the temperatures on manual thermostats to help keep costs down.  You just have to remember to do it!  Flame Furnace sells and installs programmable thermostats, so contact them for questions or more information!

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