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Thanks to Benjamin Franklin and his experiments with lightning, electricity is a very important part of our lives today.  We often do not have to live without lightbulbs, televisions, computers or even electric stoves.  This means that when something does go wrong with the electricity in your home it can be quite a big deal.  Here are some quick electrical tips if you have any problems in your home:

  • Power outages can be the result of storms or of an overload on the power grid.  It may only last for a few minutes, so there is no reason to panic right away.  Simply pull out some candles and enjoy the peace.  Also, generally you can call or look up your electrical company on the internet to find out if it is a major power outage and what the projected time for having everything fixed is.  Furthermore, investing in an automatic back up generator is a simple way to ensure that you never lose the comforts of your electronic devices at home.
  • If you only lose power in one section of your home, check the circuit breaker. You can tell if the breaker is flipped and not working by looking or testing for a loose breaker.  It will feel wiggly and in between the on and off positions. When you find it, flip it all the way to the off position and then back to the on position. If it is having problems staying on, move it once again back to the off position and wait to find out from a professional what the problem is.
  • Flame has certified technicians that are able to help with your electrical needs. Electricity can be very dangerous to deal with and if you aren’t exactly sure what you are doing, it is best to call someone who does.

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