3 Quick Fixes for a Cold Shower

Being cold is never any fun, but shivering because there isn’t any hot water in the shower is the worst.  An unintended cold shower can start your day off on the wrong note, and it is definitely something we want to get fixed right away.  However, don’t panic and call the plumber just yet.  Here are three quick fixes to try first:

Is the pilot light out? A pilot light that is out can cause a chilly shower.  You can re-light it yourself and things should be back to normal fairly quickly.  Consult with the owner’s manual or contact a heating and cooling company if you are not sure how.

Look at the water heater thermostat. Sometimes this thermostat can get turned back to a temperature that is much chiller than you would prefer.  If this is the case, turn up the thermostat and wait for the water to warm back up.



Clean the Tank-This fix is not quite as easy, but you should know that over time sediment can build up at the bottom of the water heater tank, which leads to backups and problems.  Draining the water heater to get rid of that sediment can  help to fix this.

If your water is still cold after this, contact Flame!  Flame can also help if you have any questions about these quick fixes.  Nobody likes a cold shower.

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