Rain, Rain Go Away…Rain could be a Reason to Re-Schedule Your Air Conditioner Inspection

So you scheduled your air conditioner inspection?  GREAT.

Unfortunately…you wake up on the morning of your inspection and discover it is raining very hard and there are thunderstorm warnings all day in your county.  BAD.

This entry is here too warn you that if this happens, mostly likely someone from Flame will be calling you to re-schedule.  Not because the technicians have decided to watch a movie and eat popcorn on this rainy day, but because it is a safety hazard for technicians to be working on your air conditioner in rain and storms.

Therefore, please don’t be too disappointed, your air conditioner will still get checked out!  Just not on the day that I am sure that you have been dreaming about for months.  If you look ahead at the weather forecast and it looks rainy and stormy, feel free to call Flame yourself to re-schedule.  Remember, even though rain could interrupt the inspections, they are still imperative to the maintenance and life of your air conditioner!

Contact or call Flame for any questions or to schedule an inspection!

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