Is There Really a Solid Gold Toilet?

Did you know that in the world there actually exists a solid gold toilet?  Yep, built in 2001 at Hang Fung Gold Technology in Hong Kong, this toilet is made of 24 carat solid gold.  Before you go and get too excited, visitors are not actually allowed to use this toilet, only allowed to look at it and the rest of the gold bathroom that it is in.  Check out this video from CelebrityNetWorth.Com or this article from TIME to learn more.

Now that we know a gold toilet actually exists, what other expensive bathroom accessories are out there?

  • 22 Carat Gold Toilet paper that costs $1.3 million per roll (Daily News)
  • Gold Plated Toilet Brush Holder that costs $1,175.00 (Pioneer Linens)

Flame may not be in the business of solid gold toilets, but they do provide plumbing service and maintenance that is as good as gold.  If you are interested in about “Toilet Tune Up” please contact Flame!


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