Stay Cool with 8 Recipes to Make Without a Hot Stove or Oven

Cooking in the summer can be a challenge.  Many of us would rather spend the long hours of daylight soaking up the sunshine and watching kids play outside than put together dinner.  Plus, when it is hot out, turning on the oven or the stove is NOT desirable.  Not only is it unpleasant to cook over a hot stove or have a warm oven on, but these devices really do bring up your home’s temperature, which means your air conditioner has to work even harder to keep your home cool.  At Flame, we want to help you keep your home cool, save money, and still eat some yummy dinners this summer.  Therefore, here is a round-up of eight recipes you can make without ever turning on your oven or stove:


Grilling is a summertime staple, and it is a great way to cook up some meat without overheating your kitchen.  Traditional hot dogs and hamburgers are always good, but here are a few other recipes to try out.

Fajita Chicken Kebabs (Well Plated)

Kebabs are an easy convenient way to enjoy a yummy meal while still playing around outside. Some may choose to use utensils to eat them, but you don’t have to!

Grilled Pizza (The Pioneer Woman)

Of course, ordering pizza is another way to keep that oven off during the summer, but if you love delicious homemade pizza, try out this.

Tabasco Grilled Veggie Skewers (Country Cleaver)

Yes, you can still get your daily intake of veggies by cooking on the grill.

Check out Country Living’s 50+ Grilling Recipes for an Epic Summer Cookout for more inspiration.


Salads are an obvious choice when we think of meals without the stove or oven, but they can be more exciting than just some lettuce and dressing.

Grilled Caesar Salad Flatbread (Woman’s Day)

Yummy bread and a hearty salad?  Sign us up!

No-Cook BLT Salad (Cooking Light)

The iconic flavors of a bacon, lettuce, and tomato are loved by most.  With salami substituting for bacon, in this salad, you can enjoy a BLT without turning on the oven or stove to fry up bacon.


White Bean and Radish Tacos (Amie Valpone, TheHealthyApple.com)

This recipe is a twist on the traditional taco, but it still provides protein and a satisfying crunch!

Hummus Stuffed Bell Peppers (Amie Valpone, TheHealthyApple.com

Love stuffed peppers, but hate all of the steps?  Try this easy summer version.


Smoothies might not be exactly what you had in mind for dinner, but a cold and creamy smoothie can be a perfect breakfast or lunch.  Break out your blender and enjoy!  Here are some smoothie ideas from the blog, Peanut Butter Fingers to get your creative juices flowing.

Would you like to learn more ways to stay cool and keep your home running efficiently this summer? Learn about our residential cooling services or Contact Flame!

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