Remember Filters this Fall

Perhaps filters are the last things on your mind right now.  You may be shopping furiously for last minute school supplies and clothes.  However, it is incredibly important to NOT forget about your filters. Why? For health, money and energy reasons.

Filters help to stop certain particles like dust, bacteria, pet dander etc… that could contaminate the air re-entering your home.  This keeps your air cleaner and more pure and will help you to stay healthy, especially if you have allergies or during cold/flu season.  A clogged filter may not be as effective at doing this, running you the risk of more health issues.

Secondly, a clogged, dirty filter, will not let your heated or air conditioned air pass easily into your home.  Therefore, your heating and/or cooling unit has to work HARDER to put out the same amount of air.  This wastes both energy and money.  A regular filter should be changed every month or so, and you can do it yourself and pick up a new filter at your local hardware store.  If you are interested in keeping you air even cleaner, you could look into electronic air purifiers or UV germicidal lights that kill/eliminate things like bacteria, mold and fungi.

As you can see, in the midst of all this back to school busy-ness, it is still important for your home and your family members if your filter is changed!

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