Replacing and Cleaning Your Furnace Filter

When it is being used, a furnace’s filter should be cleaned or replaced about once a month.  This allows the furnace to operate at maximum efficiency.  When a filter is clogged, it takes more energy to heat your home which costs more money.  There are various types of filters and if you use a replaceable one those can be easily purchased at a hardware store.  More advanced filters are not replaced each month, but cleaned.

Whether you are cleaning or replacing, here are some instructions:

  • -Turn off the furnace either at the main circuit breaker or the service panel on the furnace.
  • -Look for the filter, a square or rectangular mesh device, usually found near the blower.
  • -Remove the filter and wash it if necessary.  Before putting it back in the furnace, make sure that it is dry!
  • -If you bought a new one, check to be sure it is the right size and then replace the old one.

This might seem like a hassle, but it is well worth it for both your furnace and your wallet.  Questions?  Contact Flame!  I received much of my information from this website, so check it out for more info.  EHow “How to Clean or Replace a Furnace Filter.”

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