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FLAME installs both non-programmable conventional and programmable home thermostats. Thermostats are one of the simplest, smartest home improvements you can make. And you can save up to 33% on heating and cooling costs if you choose a programmable thermostat model.

There are several options when choosing a thermostat for your home. The choices range from analog to seven day programmable models. In many cases where the home is left unoccupied for the day, a digital programmable will be the best choice. This will allow you to dial the temperature down while no one is home. It will also allow you to walk into a warm home by upping the temperature prior to your arrival. The less energy efficient choice is the standard digital non programmable which will maintain the temperature at a setting of your choice. This will operate the same as an analog thermostat. For the more tech savvy, there are home thermostats available that can be operated from your computer or smart phone, allowing you to make adjustments when your schedule changes. Another benefit of these systems is they can alert you if you have no heat or if the temperature falls below a predetermined point.

As you can see there is a thermostat to meet each lifestyle out there. FLAME carries a comprehensive line of Bryant Thermostats that can be  Call Flame or contact us online today to learn more.

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