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Controls and Thermostats installed by FLAME are ideal solutions for controlling the temperature and comfort of your home. But sometimes the equipment stops functioning properly and a control or thermostat repair is required.

If these thermostats go down, or if any other thermostat or control you own suffers a failure or operates inconsistently, FLAME is there for you. We have highly trained technicians standing by locally and ready to assist you with your heating and cooling needs. And if your equipment continues to function improperly FLAME also offers control and thermostat installations.

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Whatever happens to your system, and whenever it happens, a FLAME technician will be there to help you. That’s right, FLAME features 24/7 heating and cooling emergency repairs.

Plus, if replacement parts or controls are required, we will use only the highest quality products to fix your system. Or you can simply upgrade to a more efficient system like the Bryant® Wi-Fi® Housewise™ Thermostat which allows you to control the temperature of your home from almost anywhere you go.

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