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Having a generator installed will keep your Michigan household operating through power interruptions from exterior situations that we cannot control— such as various weather disasters: thunderstorms, tornados, or ice storms, and even power grid failures. FLAME technicians are the residential generator experts you can count on when you are in urgent need. We offer a variety of generators as a part of our residential heating and cooling services.

FLAME has a variety of different size generator units, designed and built to handle the energy demands of any size Michigan home. Whether you are at home or away, these essential units protect with an immediate, powerful response to any utility outage. FLAME helps Michigan homeowners take charge of their power situation.

Choose a Whole-House Backup Generator System:
  1. Peace of Mind
    Whether you are at home or away, FLAME generators allow power to be automatically transferred to key circuits during an outage. This is directly protecting your home— saving thousands of dollars of potential property damage.
  2. Convenience
    A permanent connection to your home’s power supply via FLAME’s automatic power transfer switch provides uninterrupted electricity to your Michigan home when the power goes out. Continuous fuel eliminates the need for extension cords or messy gas cans.
  3. Unobtrusive Design
    FLAME’s technology contains an automotive muffler combined with sound panels, which keep the sound of the generator down to neighbor-friendly levels.
  4. Continuous Low-Cost Supply
    FLAME can install a permanent hook-up to natural gas, providing a safe, virtually endless fuel supply.


FLAME can help you be sure your generator is ready when you’ll need it. When harsh weather strikes, and your power goes out, your backup generator will keep your heating and cooling system running, sensitive electronics safe, appliances humming, and your household running.

To help your generator to continue performing in peak form, contact FLAME, and one of our expertly-trained, certified technicians will be able to help with all of the necessary generator repairs. Even if you just suspect a failure, it’s a good idea to have an HVAC expert from FLAME check out the operation of your backup generator before you inevitably need to use it. And when a repair isn’t enough, FLAME also offers generator installation services for your new replacement.


You’ll have power when your neighbors don’t, with a natural gas generator from FLAME. We offer a variety of differently sized, natural gas generators, designed to handle the energy demands of any size Michigan home, to keep your utilities going.

It’s essential to back up your home’s HVAC system, sensitive electronics, and major appliances with gas generator installation services from FLAME. Don’t let a storm or a brutally cold Michigan winter shut down the electricity in your home. FLAME helps to ensure that your household can keep going, even if your power doesn’t.


Regular generator maintenance can be what stands between a blackout and keeping the power on in your home. Most generator owners don’t know that regular maintenance is required to keep a generator running at optimal levels. Simple maintenance measures, like refueling your generator, can be done by owners to make sure that the generator is ready whenever the power goes out. More complicated maintenance, like fluid or filter changes, should be done by a professional to ensure that the generator runs optimally.

Regularly scheduled generator maintenance performed by a professional takes into account how long you’ve had your furnace, how many hours it’s been in use, the last time it was repaired/maintained, and many other factors. If you haven’t scheduled generator maintenance recently, contact the generator professionals at FLAME Heating & Cooling. Our residential heating and cooling services technicians are available to make sure your generator is ready when you need it.

What separates FLAME from the competition?

FLAME provides the highest quality and highest efficiency products customized for your system. Plus, we back our work with the FLAME 100% satisfaction guarantee.
FLAME also offers our emergency generator repair services 24/7. That way, no matter what time of day or time of the year it is, one of our experienced technicians will be there to expertly handle your repair.
With FLAME, you can count on our expertly-trained technicians, with experience in residential HVAC installation and repair, to handle anything that could come up with your generator or heating and cooling system.

Call FLAME, at (888) 234-2340, or fill out the quick contact form, and we will get back to you in 24 hours.

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