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FLAME is a one-stop shop for all of your water heater replacement needs. When your heater suffers a permanent failure, and a water heater repair won’t cut it, we can replace it with a high quality, energy efficient one.

If you are ready for a water heater replacement, consider a tankless water heater. The models available offer the ultimate in control and efficiency, hot water on demand, and they do not require wasteful heating of water when not in use.

There’s More:

We are pleased to announce that all tank water heater installations will now be covered by an industry-leading full 10-year warranty covering parts, labor, and the tank. If your water tank fails during the first 10 years after the installation, all parts, labor, and, if necessary, even complete tank replacement will be covered in full.

Just another reason to purchase your water heater from FLAME.

And remember, our service is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact us online or call us today to schedule a water heater replacement appointment.

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