Save On Your Christmas Lights

How many times have we spent Novembers and Decembers checking to make sure light strands work, standing in line at the hardware store to buy more, and nursing our fingers after hours in the cold stringing them up on trees?  Probably quite a few.  When considering which lights to hang up at your house this year, you will find that there are quite a few options.  Choosing an energy efficient type will help you greatly when it comes to saving money this Christmas season.  Check out these facts from NSTAR utility company:

Assuming that 10 strings of these lights are lit for 6 hours a day, and there are 30 hours in a month-

Old Style Large Bulbs (C7, C9)

25 lights per string and 175 watts per string-

Average Cost per Month-$56.70

Old Style Mini Bulbs

100 lights per string and 40 watts per string-

Average Cost per Month- $12.96

LED Large Bulbs

25 lights per String and 2 watts per string-

Average Cost per Month- $0.65

LED Mini Bulbs

70 lights per string and 4.2 watts per string

Average Cost per Month-$1.36


As you can see, there is a pretty distinct difference between the older style of lights and the new LED lights.  Consider choosing LED lights this year in order to increase your savings.  For more information about smart lighting choices, contact Flame!




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