SAVE ENERGY: 10 Simple Things You Can Do!

The Federal Energy Management Program is a division of the United States Department of Energy.  It “works to reduce the cost and environmental impact of the Federal government by advancing energy efficiency and water conservation, promoting the use of distributed and renewable energy, and improving utility management decisions at Federal sites.”

Here are 10 simple things the FEMP reccomends we do to save energy NOW.

1. Recycle a soda can—save enough energy to power your computer for five hours.

2. Empty rooms love the dark—flip the switch when you leave.

3. Office equipment wastes energy when not in use—turn off idle equipment.

4. Buy products with recycled content and reduce energy consumption by 30%.

5. Look for the Energy Star label when you replace computers and office equipment.

6. Lower your hot water heater to 115º for some cool savings.

7. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs— in torchiere-style lamps, for example, they are safer and use much less energy.

8. Buy a programmable thermostat with an automatic setback—you can save 10% on your energy bill.

9. Take a ceramic mug to work— conserve the energy it takes to make 500 paper cups a year.

10. When you make copies, use both sides to double your energy and resource savings.

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