Save Money during Power Outages with a Generator

Automatic Generators are just too expensive.  That is what you may be thinking.  While it is true that automatic generators are typically a higher initial investment, after reading this post you may discover that it is too expensive to not have one.  That is because power outages are not just inconvenient, they can result in some very expensive damages.  Here’s an estimated breakdown:

Basement Flood: Loss of $500 to $3,000

If your home is prone to flooding then you probably have a sump pump.  Unfortunately, if a large thunderstorm knocks the power out, that means that your pump will not work either, unless it has a battery back-up component (Wikipedia-Sump Pump).  Flooding can cause irreparable damage to carpet, furniture, toys etc… This doesn’t even mention all of the irreplaceable items your basement may hold such as photo albums and old school projects.

Computer: Loss of $1,000

Unexpected power outages and power turn ons can result in power surges that could fry your computer, unless it is protected by a surge protector.  Also, a loss of power could mean a loss of any unsaved documents or pictures, and hour of work.

Food: Loss of $500-$800

If the power goes out for a sustained period of time, most of that food in your fridge or freezer will go bad and spoil, wasting you a lot of money.

Batteries, Candles etc…:  Loss of about $30

Without a generator you will most likely be going through batteries and candles very quickly!

As you can see, an automatic generator does more than just offer peace of mind.  For more information about automatic generators, please contact Flame!

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