Saving Money During the Christmas Season

Sometimes it seems as if all we do during the Holiday season is SPEND and we forget the real reason for the season.  Unfortunately, since some of the spending is inevitable here are some money-saving energy-efficient Holiday tips from the California Energy Commission, “Winter Holiday Time Energy-Saving Tips”:


  • Don’t open the oven door to check on things while they are cooking.  You can lose valuable heat that way (25 degrees!) and energy.  Try turning on the oven light instead and looking in.
  • Cook more than one thing at the same time in the oven to conserve heat and the amount of time that your oven is on.
  • Remember to keep your fridge and freezer door closed BUT it is more efficient to leave the fridge door open while you are taking out a bunch of stuff than to keep opening and closing it.
  • While cleaning dishes, make sure that your dishwasher is full before you run it.
  •  Before putting dishes in the dishwasher, rinse them in cold water so you don’t waste energy by heating up the water.


  • Use LED lights, which are much more efficient than typical Christmas lights for both your exterior and interior decorations.
  •  Try using an automatic timer for your lights both outside and inside.  That way you will not forget to turn them off and leave them on all night and all day.

 The article contains more detailed information, so check it out if you are interested!  Contact Flame if you have any questions about electrical  things! 


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