Say Goodbye to Colds and the Flu!

Not only are we heading into the Holiday season, we are also in the middle of cold and flu season.  This can be a terrible time for anyone, especially if you have kids in school!  The good news is that Flame Furnace can you help you out! How?Woman Sneezing

Duct Cleaning-It is recommended that you have your ducts cleaned every couple of years.  In the ducts, particles, viruses and bacteria can accumulate and then circulate throughout your home which can irritate allergies and cause the cold and flu.  Therefore, giving your ducts a good cleaning will reduce the sickness in your house!

Air Purifier-Air Purifiers such as the Bryant Perfect Air Purifiers can help to eliminate cold and flu virus (among other things from your home).  In fact, within 6 hours 99.99% of the Common Cold Virus is killed while just after 2 hours-99% of the flu virus is killed!

These are not the only ways to prevent colds, check out these tips:

  • WASH YOUR HANDS-when you sneeze or cough, germs stay on your hands and if you do not wash them they will transfer to whatever you touch next!
  • Aerobic Exercise- This pumps you up and increases oxygen flow which helps to increase your “virus-killing cells.”
  • Cut Back on Smoking and Drinking-these activities can lower your immune system activity.
  • Really Relax-if you are actually relaxed, this can increase your immune system activity.
  • Do not cough or sneeze on hands-when you do this you are  just getting the germs on your hands which you may transfer if you shake someone’s hand, answer the telephone, open a door etc… Just do it into a tissue or turn your head away from people.

WebMD has all of these tips and more on their website!  Check it out if your are interested and do not hesitate to contact Flame about duct cleanings or air purifiers.  Most importantly, stay healthy!

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