Sensor Lights: An Enlightening Idea

Sometimes when you are in a hurry you run out of the house without turning out the lights.  This doesn’t seem like too big of a deal until it happens daily…and then your electric bill comes.  However, there is a way to get to work (or something else) on time and still save energy/money, (and no the solution is not just to wake up earlier or start getting ready earlier).  There are sensored lights that can sense when you enter and leave a room and turn on and off accordingly.

Flame Heating Cooling and Electrical’s expert electricians can install these in your home and they are great for many reasons:

  • Saves you energy and therefore money-because you will not have to worry about lights staying on unnecessarily in your home
  • Perfect for rooms where the light switch is not near the entrance-you won’t have to walk across the room in the dark!
  • These lights are also GREAT for businesses, especially bathrooms-where people are constantly walking in and out of and probably do not even think to turn off the lights.

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