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Heating and Cooling Westland

Heating and Cooling WestlandBordered by Livonia and Dearborn Heights, Westland, Michigan is a large city in Wayne County, with over 80,000 residents. That’s a lot of Southeastern Michigan homes with HVAC systems! FLAME is proud to serve every last one of them, by offering high quality heating and cooling products.

Wintertime in Westland brings beautiful snow, and fun events, like the Wayne County Lightfest, a beautiful lights display during the holiday season. Unfortunately, wintertime in Michigan can also bring harsh cold through Michigan. Prepare for wintertime temperature lows with a new gas furnace from the HVAC pros—FLAME. We also offer 24/7 repairs from highly-qualified HVAC technicians. Contact FLAME for a free in-home heating and cooling consultation.

Did you know that eliminating excess humidity from your home is essential to your family’s health and comfort? An Aprilaire whole-home dehumidifier is the answer for getting rid of mold, mildew, airborne bacteria, and musty odors. Contact FLAME today, and protect your family!

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