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Heating and Cooling White Lake Township

Heating and Cooling White Lake TownshipWhether you live in White Lake or Oxbow, White Lake Township is filled with recreational options for equestrian riders, mountain bikers, boaters, hikers, skiers, and all other lovers of the great outdoors in Southeastern Michigan. Let FLAME take care of your home, so you can focus on your favorite activity.

We’ll help you find the perfect, energy-efficient heating and cooling system for your White Lake, Michigan home. It all starts with a free in-home consultation from FLAME. Plus, we provide 24-hour emergency repairs or replacement services for Michigan customers, every day of the year.

White Lake Township residents trust the airflow pros at FLAME Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical.

Call FLAME today, at (888) 234-2340, or sign up online, and we’ll call you! Ask us about the Bryant® Wi-Fi® Housewise™ Thermostat.

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