Shocking News: Recessed Lighting is One of the Largest Energy Losing Factors in a Home

Yesterday I was bored so I decided to rearrange the furniture in my living room by myself.  I personally find it very enjoyable to move furniture, look through Pottery Barn magazines and redecorate.  One of the things about moving, redoing or remodeling a room is that there are a lot of decisions to be made.  A major decision is , what kind of lighting? Do you want just lamps, fluorescent lighting or recessed lighting?

Recessed lights are very popular and I completely understand the appeal.  They do not hurt your eyes as much as fluorescent lighting but they also do not take up a ton of floor or table space like lamps.  The negative thing about recessed lighting is that: they are the biggest energy losers in the home!

Does that surprise you?  It surprises me!  This could put you in a pickle:  do you get the lights you really want and lose energy and money?  Or do you save energy but have your eyes constantly sore from fluorescent lighting? Well the thing is, you do not have to choose! (This is starting to sound like a really bad infomercial, huh?) But seriously, you do not have to choose.

Flame’s technicians will seal your recessed lights by installing insulation “caps.”  These will help prevent leakage of air and energy.  If you are interested in this procedure, check out this video made by GreenHomes America of Green Homes America completing a sealing of recessed lights.

Air-Sealing Recessed Can Lights-GreenHomes America

If you are interested in this procedure or have more questions…feel free to Contact Flame!


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