Should I Install a UV Light to Prevent the Coronavirus?

Should I Install a UV Light to Prevent Coronavirus?In these uncertain times of Covid-19, we are all just trying our best to stay healthy and keep those around us safe.  We all know that washing our hands, not touching our faces, staying 6 feet apart from others and wearing masks are the most effective ways to avoid being infected with and infecting others with the Coronavirus.

In addition to this, there are some other methods being tested out that will minimize virus transmission, such as UV lights.  An article by Will Stone for NPR explains that UV technology is not actually new–in fact it had been used in the past to kill serious viruses such as tuberculosis and measles.

UV Lights and Coronavirus

The nature of Covid-19 makes congregating in indoor spaces more risky in regard to becoming infected, which is why the CDC recommends social distancing outdoors as much as possible. However, sometimes going inside cannot be avoided.  Increasingly it seeming that UV lights can be used to disinfect indoor air and reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Safety First!

UV Germicidal lights can be installed within your HVAC system in order to eradicate viruses and bacteria in the air as it is circulated throughout a home or commercial building.

That said, the technology does come with risks of its ownThe World Health Organization explains, “Ultra-violet (UV) lamps should NOT be used to disinfect hands or other areas of your skin.  UV radiation can cause skin irritation and damage your eyes.”  Therefore, be wary of UV lights meant for cleaning hands and stick to soap and water instead.

So, Should I Invest in a UV Germicidal Light?

There definitely seems to be evidence to support that this technology can kill the Coronavirus, and the way we see it–every thing that can help is a good thing!

However, it does need to be used properly and it should not replace other hand washing and social distancing measures.  As the NPR story points out, UV also does not prevent someone from being exposed to infectious aerosols that have just emerged from an infected person….”  Nor does it protect against droplets that may have fallen on surfaces that can then be transferred by touching the item and touching eyes, nose, or mouth.

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